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the beginning.
hey all. been a while. here’s my office space…right after i got the keys. life has been crazy. this roll of film sat in my camera 2 months, sat in my kitchen 2 weeks waiting to be developed, sat longer to be looked at… being a new business owner is HARD. holy shit, harder than expected. i opened july 1st. if i ever finish the roll in my camera Now, i’ll show you how the space turned out :-) …
the end. for now. maybe for good. i need a break.
i’m going to rant for a second. bear with me…
so. i think i’m at the point in this project that maybe always happens at this time, i can’t remember, where i am very very Frustrated. 
i want to photograph something real and i actually have a very specific thing in mind but it’s not working. and i feel very pissed off about it. i don’t care about flowers on the table. i don’t really care about photographing my cat. i do these things to pick up a camera. 
posting a 365 is a double edged sword. you post so you’ll keep doing it but it’s a bit disheartening when your most popular photo is a super shitty scan of flowers on the table with a book titled ‘getting past your breakup’. what the fuck. seriously? is that what everyone wants to see?
for the record i’ll just say that that day was probably in my top 10 for embarrassing moments (buying that fucking book…and oh, having some dude have to show me where it was in the bookstore…1 1/2 years After my break up). ya, it was awesome. 
don’t you want to see something real? or is that ‘real’?
nobody pays attention anymore. nobody cares. it’s fucking ridiculous.
ok i’m done. sorry. maybe i need to sleep…………….
i wish i could sleep
last sunday
remember who you are cause it’s not who you were. delete all the evidence.
this is the result of doing too many things at once and being so distracted that i actually forgot about this project and didn’t remember until it was almost dark…
shit day. trying to hire someone fucking sucks. (excuse my language)
this was a much needed belated celebration drink.
my day went something like this : interview someone at 8:30am, drink too much coffee, scramble through my negatives trying to find stuff to print for my office (something i am very very bad at), ignore a boy i keep dreaming about, feel like an asshole, admit i’m an asshole, read through a 25 page lease, book a flight to chicago that i thought would be free with miles but ends up costing me $475 with All my miles (!) and then finally, WHISKEY. it never tasted so good…